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All the images are available in 2 formats 

(Archival pigment prints):

Edition of 5 + 2 AP: 

40 x 28 inches (100 x 70 cm)

Edition of 5: + 2 AP:

60 x 42 inches (150 x 100 cm)






Released 2020 - Amazon Prime


Feature documentary «Queen of Paradis» directed by Carl Lindstrom about the making of Paradis's photo series «Midnight».

Below are the conceptual mixed-media maquettes that are Paradis’ blueprints for each scene she creates. They are also the first expression of each vision. 


From there, these maquettes will accompany Paradis as she designs and builds the props, scouts for locations, and frames her final scene. 


Once a maquette is created, Paradis will not deviate from the original vision. 

Self Portraits imagined and preconceptualized before shooting in real locations throughout America.


Once the scene is imagined and visualized in its entirety, Paradis makes sketches and paints the scene to use as a blue print when photographing the final scene. 


All the costumes, accessories and sculptures are meticulously designed and placed within the scene, along with Paradis herself as the central figure. 


Her photo series take the viewer on an introspective journey across a symbolic and chromatic world, exploring reality and the limit of imagination.

Each image is an adventure and a story in and of itself.

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