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Reine Paradis has designed and built props since she began creating her work over ten years ago. Over that time and through countless explorations with material, scale, chemistry, light, sensation, and technology, she has envisioned a new piece called ‘The Curtain’.


This ten-foot-high, crinkled monolith is made of resin and vinyl. It floats delicately in the middle of the space, rotating slowly while an omnipresent glow gradually changes from white to red. 


This combination of elements casts an ever-changing array of shadows, transparencies, and reflections upon the piece itself. Sometimes making it seem oppressive and ominous, other times making it bright and expansive, and sometimes making it almost disappear from sight.


With ‘The Curtain’, Paradis creates a physical immersion for the viewer to experience what it’s like ‘to be’ inside the world of the artist.

Small scale mockup (video)


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