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For the first time ever, Paradis will feature a series of large scale paintings.


These works exhibit a culmination of her intense process — starting with a vision, creating a maquette, finding the location, preforming or ‘living’ the scene, photographing, and then stepping back to realize the whole experience — where it is then expressed with paint on canvas.

The exhibition will include 7 large scale paintings. 

Below are the first 3 that are finished.



The artist dreams of a new reality1, which is then created with the intent to be experienced though a photograph2, or, ‘living the scene.’


This moment then becomes a memory, where it moves on to be deconstructed, and reasserted as pure color and form3.

(See below)

1 - Hublot, 2020 (Original Maquette, acrylic and Vinyl on paper)

2 - Hublot, 2021 (Photograph, archival pigment print)

3 - Hublot, 2022 (Painting, acrylic on canvas)

Reine Paradis at her studio in Palm Springs


Acrylic on canvas

95 x 70.5 inches

241.3 x 179 cm


Acrylic on canvas

95 x 70.5 inches

241.3 x 179 cm


Acrylic on canvas

95 x 76 inches

241.3 x 179 cm

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