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Series in progress, will be completed in 2023.

Mars will feature a series of 15 photographs total. These surrealist self-portraits showcase Paradis' unique style while introducing a new and vivid world of color. 

Mars will include a series of conceptual mixed-media maquettes that are Paradis’ blueprints for each scene she creates. They are also the first expression of each vision. 



A big part of getting to know Reine Paradis as an artist is seeing how she makes her work. 


During the creation of her new series ‘Mars’, director Carl Lindstrom, who is also Reine's partner in photographing the scenes, follows her from conception to completion on an exciting journey that will take Paradis to extreme lengths in order to create her unique vision. 


This episodic series will cover the way she lives, her background, what it is that drives her and what makes her tick. All while she tackles numerable obstacles that stand in her way — sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. 


Slated for release after the completion of her exhibition ‘Mars’, with distribution to a worldwide streaming audience.


Behind the scenes video clip (4 mins)